The new Sony Venice receives the Movcam treatment with a form-fitting base plate, side brackets and shoulder pad to the camera body shaped Multi-Function Expansion Unit and smart top plate.

Movcam has designed a 15mm lightweight support baseplate for the Sony Venice incorporating the same standard dovetail mounting options and 15mm on camera rod support.

The new top handle design offers operators a comfortable option when not using the stock handle and the quick release feature assists with storage or quick setup. The top handle offers multiple 3/8″ threads, ARRI compatible 3/8″ key pin threading and incorporates a removable extension grip that can be mounted on either side of the Movcam handle.

The MOVCAM Top Handle for the Sony Venice features a similar mounting format that is also found on top of the top plate.  The Top Plate offers an MEXT input from the Multi-Function Expansion Unit that is required to power the 2 24v Fisher 3 pin outputs, 2 12v Lemo 2 pin Aux outputs and the MBUS connector. The Top Plate’s MBUS powers and provides the signal for wireless motor control (requires Multi-Function Expansion Unit and MOVCAM Wireless Expansion Module). The front of the top plate also allows operators to mount 15mm upper rods for repositioning of the Sony Viewfinder. The Top Plate also offers multiple 1/4″ – 20 and 3/8″ threads.

Expansion Bay
Quickly add a MOVCAM Wireless Expansion Module to add motor control without additional receivers. Future ready – Additional expansion modules are currently being developed.

Hot Swap Battery Compartment
With the use of 3 18650 batteries (not included), the Multi-Function Expansion Module offers operators up to 2 minutes to swap batteries, depending on the amount of powered accessories.

Pricing and Availability

The whole kit minus the motor control system is about $2400 USD and will be available later this month

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