Matthews MQ Mount

Matthews MQ mount is one of two products that Mathews makes for Quasar.  The MQ mount allows you to mount a single T12 tube light. They are threaded inside which means they can be used with the micro grip. It’s made out of a composite material which keeps it light and you can use it with the mini grip head which also keeps the setup light.

Matthews says that the way they have designed this mount, it makes it impossible to crush, squish and crunch any tube at all. This is a really important feature as most folks who use tubes are comfortable enough to mount the tubes themselves, but generally always hesitate when handing them over to someone who isn’t familiar with them and just wait to hear that “crunch” of plastic cracking.

This is possible because there is no way overtighten the MQ Mount thanks to the design. When using a Caterlini clamp, overtightening can occur due to it’s powerful jaws.

From what we saw it also looks pretty strong which means you can create some rather interesting looks with how it allows you to mount your tubes.


Pricing and Availablity

The mounts will be shipping out in June and retail for $69 USD

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