Intellytech goes RGB with the LiteCloth RGBW LC-160 2’x2′ Foldable LED Mat

The Intellytech LC-160 LiteCloth 2’x2′ Foldable LED Mat is a nice light. I did a full hands-on review recently and was very pleased with the performance and light quality.

Intellytech LiteCloth RGB1

Intellytech at NAB 2018 introduced the new 160-watt LiteCloth RGBW 2’x2′ Foldable LED Mat that comes in the same kit configuration as the original bi-color model. While the LiteClothe shares the same design the RGB LEDS are mixed in to get the full spectrum of colors. This does lower the output when using the light in bi-color mode since less of those LEDS are present. Intellytech LiteCloth RGB3

A nice improvement on the RGBW model is the controller. It’s smaller and has a dial to control the functions of the RGBW colors and output as well as raised buttons to select features to adjust. This version is close to the production model, however, some modifications could be done on the production model.

Intellytech LiteCloth RGB9

Intellytech is adding more functionality to the LiteCloth RGBW LC-160 with gags like siren colors and party effects and solid color presets.

The controller includes a wireless receiver, however the remote is an optional item that retails for $70. US


The full kit includes the Litecloth RGBW LC-160, mounting bracket, Softbox with diffusion and grid plus a hard case for $1500. US shipping is approximately in August.

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