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Ergocine Bell Rocker

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If you want a nice new grip for your cinema camera, Ergocine has integrated a servo rocker into a wooden Anton style grip called the Bell Rocker.

The Bell Rocker grip is a right-handed Aaton style grip.  The grips body is made of Black Walnut and rocker in Black Cherry.  The rocker is compatible with both Canon and Fujinon lenses. Ergocine Bell Rocker_2The zoom rocker is a pressure sensitive self-centering zoom with a limiter knob for setting maximum speed and a stop and start trigger, RET Trigger.

The grip uses full-size Arri rosettes and custom M6 lock down screw. The zoom rocker has variable zoom speed similar to an ENG rocker. As you push the rocker down farther the speed increases.

The Canon CN7x17 KAS S Cine-Servo 17-120mm T2.95 (photo: Ben Emery)

This potentially looks like a great product. Too often when you are using Cine servo zooms such as the Canon 17-120mm or Fujinon Cabrio 20-120mm the position of the servo grip is too far back when you get the camera balance on your shoulder. This results in your arm and wrist being put into a very uncomfortable position. The ability to have a servo grip and move it further forward will certainly help with ergonomics.

The Bell rocker comes with an 8 pin connector however 12 and 20 pin connectors are available for the same cost. Having all these different pin connectors available means you can use the Bell Rocker with a wide variety of servo zoom lenses. Paired with the correct cable the zoom rocker can be used on several different cameras.

Ergocine cable

  • CAMEO duel LANC cable
  • Universal LANC Cable
  • RED DSMC1 Cable
  • RED DSMC2 Cable
  • F55 Cable
  • Arri Alexa Cable
  • Arri Amira Cable
  • Arri Alexa  Mini Cable

With these cables, you can stop and start the camera and trigger the cameras assignable F4 function. Works with SONY, CANON and JVC LANC enabled cameras. Great for focus assist.

C100, C300, C500, FS 700, FS 100, all Blackmagic Cinema Cameras and more. / length 21″ – INSTRUCTIONS

Plug directly into SYNC port (RED 4 Pin 00B Lemo) comes with Schmitt Trigger/ length 26″

Plug directly into SYNC port (RED 4 Pin 00B Lemo) / length 26″

F5 and F55 to RA Hirose / Length 30″

Fischer 3 pin to RA Hirose / Length 26″

Fisher 3 pin to RA Hirose / Length 10″

Lemo 7 pin to RA Hirose / Length 26″

At $900 USD it certainly isn’t cheap, but if you are doing a lot of handheld work with cine servo zooms it may well just be worth it. Orders will take 3-5 weeks for delivery.

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