Anamorphic Shooting on your Smartphone with Moment Lenses

Moment, known for their high-quality lenses for smartphones has launched their product campaign on Kickstarter. This round sees the introduction of four new products.

Anamorphic Lens

The new anamorphic lens has a 1.33x magnification for a 2.40:1 cinemascope aspect ratio after de-squeezing in the Moment or Filmic Pro apps.

On compatible smartphones, the lenses can be mounted onto the wide or telephoto lenses. It also has a rotatable bayonet to shoot in landscape or portrait orientations.

  • Magnification : 1.33x Horizontal Squeeze
  • Aspect Ratio (video) after de-squeeze: 2.40:1 Cinemascope
  • Lateral Color: Minimized
  • Distortion: Yes please
  • Flare: Vintage style anti-reflection coatings create desirable horizontal flares
  • Orientation: Unidirectional — Mount can be rotated 90 degrees depending on mobile device

iPhone X Battery Case

The new iPhone X Battery Photo Case aims to provide additional battery life for the iPhone X while also making it easier to use for filming. If you haven’t used any Moment lenses before, they usually require the use of a case or lens mount to attach the lenses.

What makes this case different is that it has a 3100 mAh battery built-in for extended runtime, dedicated shutter button and camera strap. The case is also compatible with wireless chargers but does include a lightning port for traditional charging.

If you don’t have an iPhone X, Moment has standard photo cases available for other popular devices like the Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel 2 and other iPhone models.

Gimbal Counterweight

Compatible with the DJI Osmo 1 & 2, Zhiyun-Tech Smooth Q & EVO Shift gimbals, the gimbal counterweight provides a counterweight for the gimbal when using one of the moment lenses to achieve optimal balance.

The weight of the counterweight can be adjusted from 60g, 90g and 120g by removing the different sections.

It attaches easily and quickly with a velcro strap.

Filter Mount

The Filter Mount allows you to use any standard 62mm round filter with any of their existing or new Moment lenses. There is a wide range of filters that come in 62mm including circular polarisers and variable ND filters.

Pricing & Availability

The Kickstarter has been successfully funded. The product shipping times can be seen in the chart below.

After the Kickstarter campaign, the anamorphic lens will retail for $150 USD. The current Moment lenses retail for $90 – $99 USD which includes the wide-angle, fish-eye and telephoto lens.

iPhone X battery Case – $99 USD

Standard Photo Case – $39.99 USD

Gimbal Counterweight – $40 USD

Filter Mount – $39.99 USD

For iPhone users, Zeiss also has a range of smartphone lenses available

Are you currently using any Moment or smartphone lenses?


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