Kessler’s new AutoCam360 – Automated 360° spins, 3D product views & videos.

Since 2003, Kessler has been making camera tools & motion control systems which have become very popular amongst filmmakers. They have now taken that product experience and developed the AutoCam360, an automated system that can take photos or videos in a variety of formats for e-commerce and commercials.

The AutomCam360 is tailor built to each customer’s needs, with multiple options for tabletop size, F.I.Z. camera control and DMX control to name a few.

Customised software which runs on Windows 10 (OS X version to come) provides a complete interface for:

  • Programming the AutoCam360
  • Live view of the tethered camera
  • Triggering the camera and strobes
  • DMX lighting control
  • Image sorting & filing
  • Image editing/manipulating
  • Sirv uploading

As you can see, it is quite a large system and is designed for small to large photo/video studios with a footprint of approximately 6 x 6 x 3 feet. The AutoCam360 has multiple directions of movement. The main pillar can travel up to 34 inches, elevate up to 41 inches and has a tilt range of 213°. This wide range of movement combined with the rotating tabletop is what makes the system quite versatile.

What else do I need?

If you think this system could work for you or want to provide this service in a studio space, you will also need to add the camera, lens, computer and lighting for the product & background. Kessler says that the software will provide some image manipulating and editing but it’s not clear to what degree this will be e.g. cleaning up the backgrounds or deep-etching images.

E-commerce & Kessler’s Studio Service

With the internet, you can set up an online store in hours using pre-built e-commerce platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce and perhaps even minutes using Etsy, eBay or Amazon.

How a product is displayed could be the deciding factor in whether a customer ends up checking out or going to another store. If you have a complex product, having multiple angles of the product can help show the customer more about the product or how it works. If you have a small number of products this may be a simple task but if you have many products or multiple clients who have hundreds of products each, it can get repetitive and time-consuming.

With this in mind, Kessler is also providing a studio service where you can ship your product to Kessler and they will create the video or image assets for you, ready to be used on your online store.

There is no pricing available for the AutoCam360 as each system is custom built and tailored to the needs of the customer. Other options include the PhotoRobot and for fashionwear there is StyleShoots.

Do you do a lot of product photography or video? what’s your workflow or setup?



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