New Gravity G2 & G2X Compact Handheld Gimbals from Tilta

Tilta has released two new handheld gimbals, the G2 & the G2X which are updated models of the G1.

The G2X features an angled roll motor arm which can be calibrated to sit either in front or behind hte camera depending on the LCD position.

Both gimbals have a maximum payload of 8 lbs with full 360 degrees of rotation on the pan & tilt. The roll axis can rotate 60 degrees to the left or right.

Key Features

The gimbals are designed to be work hand in hand with a number of accessories including the Nucleus-Nano motors that can be powered via 5V Mini-USB port on the tilt motor.

Aside from the 5V port, there is also a 14.8V DC output which can be used to power the camera or accessories with a dummy battery.

The gimbal arms are marked so you can set your positions after balancing each setup

Two rosettes on the pistol grip allow for mounting of various accessories like the Nucleus-M hand controller with rosette adaptors for focus control while using the gimbal.

The gimbal does not have a display to show you what mode you are in but a multi-colour LED which changes depending on the mode selected by the front button.

  • Solid Green LED – Pan Follow Mode
  • Solid Red LED – Tilt Lock Mode
  • Solid Blue LED – Fully Stabilized Mode
  • Flashing Blue LED – Roll Lock Mode

The Tilta Assistant App connects via Bluetooth to calibrate the gimbal motors, be used as a wireless remote and program a timelapse with a separate trigger cable.

What’s Included

The G2 & G2X system come in a hard shell case which contains the pistol grip, balancing plate, gimbal body, baseplate, hot shoe support bracket, lens support. battery charger & a multi-head screwdriver.

No Batteries Included

The G2 & G2X system both use four rechargeable 18650 batteries. The kits include a charger but do not include any batteries. Tilta recommends these EBL 18650 batteries from Amazon.

The G2 & G2X don’t come with batteries.


Pricing & Availability

Both models are available to order via Tilta’s website for USD $790.

Gravity G2 Handheld Gimbal System – USD$790

Gravity G2X Compact Handheld Gimbal System – USD$790

Recommended EBL 18650 Batteries – 6 Pack – USD $17.99


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