Longer runtime for your MōVI Pro with Ignite Digi TB50 Battery Adapters

Ignite Digi has announced new battery adapters for the MōVI Pro which use DJI’s larger TB50 battery for longer runtime and more power output.

The TB50 batteries are used by the Inspire 2 & Matrice 200/210 drone systems as well as the Ronin 2.

Compared to the standard MōVI Pro battery (40Wh/22.2V), the TB50 has a larger 98Wh capacity and can output up to 10 amps each (~240W) to handle a large power draw from cameras & accessories. With the TB50 batteries, you can get over double the runtime.

The TB50 batteries powering the Inspire 2 drone

Extra Weight

Stock MōVI Pro batteries weigh 306g each. Adding the two adaptors and two TB50 batteries result in a setup that weighs 830g more than one that is using the stock batteries so this is something to consider when weight is a factor. The weight is centered around the pan axis.


The plates easily slide on to where a stock MōVI Pro battery would go and is secured by a screw lock so it won’t come off accidentally.

LEMO Output

Adapters with an optional unregulated Lemo output is also available, providing battery voltage (22-26.8V) to power Preston MDRs, rain spinners or other high draw accessories which may not work with the MōVI Pro D-taps.

How much more runtime?

Here are the runtime results from Ignite Digi using the MōVI Pro + Alexa Mini (UHD 50fps) + Teradek Bolt 2000 + RTMotion 2 motor kit where they achieved almost double the runtime of the stock batteries.

Handheld MōVI: 2 hours

Front car mount: 1 hour

On Ignite Digi’s test, they claim that the extra weight and slightly larger sail area of the TB50s had no effect on the maximum speed difference between TB50s and standard MōVI Pro batteries.

Out in the cold

In cold environments, batteries will discharge a lot quicker than warm batteries. An additional feature of using the TB50 batteries is that they have built-in heaters.

“It’s performance in low temperature environments has been optimized with a built-in 70W self-heating system capable of heating itself to 41°F (5°C) every minute. This self-heating function can be enabled either automatically or manually.” DJI on the TB50 battery – https://store.dji.com/product/inspire-2-intelligent-flight-battery

Pricing & Availability

The first batch of adapters is set to ship late April and are sold in pairs. You can choose from orange or black. You can place your preorder now at the Ignite Digi store.

TB50 Battery to Movi Pro Adapters (Pair) – AUD$920

TB50 Battery Adapters with unregulated Lemo output (Pair) – AUD$1,220

DJI TB50 battery – USD$159

MōVI Pro Battery – USD$149.95


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