Schneider True-Streak Rainbow filter

Schneider has introduced the True-Streak Rainbow filter that creates anamorphic style optical streaks in 8 colours. Schneider has had a range of True-Streak filters, including the popular Blue Streak that I have owned for quite a number of years now. This latest addition to the lineup looks to be a nice way of giving a bit of personality and uniqueness to your shots.

The video at the top of the article from 3B Digital Studios was shot using a prototype of the Schneider Optics Rainbow Filter in conjunction with a 6 Point Clear Star Tru-Streak. It was shot on a RED Epic Dragon, with Schneider Optics Xenon FF Primes Filter.

Schneider True-Streak Rainbow filter

The True-Streak Rainbow filter incorporates proprietary techniques that merge eight single colors to seamlessly flow from one to the next, creating an effect reminiscent of the multi-color flares on uncoated lenses. Depending on the lighting, the effect can make this filter go from subtle beauty to a dramatic, bold streak.

Schneider True-Streak Rainbow filter

If you don’t have access to anamorphic lenses, the True-Streak filters offer a nice cost effective way of producing anamorphic style flares. If you use them subtly you can get some nice results.

Like the individually colored True-Streak filters (in blue, red, yellow, orange, green, violet, pink, gold and clear), Rainbow Streaks are made with a colored interlayer sandwiched and sealed between two sheets of crystal-clear SCHOTT water-white glass to maintain consistency and durability.

Schneider True-Streak Rainbow filter

Unlike some of the other True-Streak filters that are available, the True-Streak Rainbow filter’s streaks are only available in one size. Other filters such as the True-Streak Blue come in varying sizes of 1mm up to 4mm. The 1mm creates the biggest streak, while the 4mm is the most subtle. Schneider don’t provide any information as to what the size of the streaks are on the Rainbow filter.

From previous experience I have found that the True-Streak filters can be a little too harsh when used on there own. I have got the best results when using a Blue Streak True-Streak filter when combining it with something like Tiffen’s Glimmer Glass. The video above was shot with this exact combination.

The 4×5.65 size will begin shipping mid-March and costs $429 USD. Other sizes available are 4×4 ($329 USD) and 6.6×6.6 ($595 USD).

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