Manfrotto x Wooden Camera Universal Camera Cages

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Manfrotto & Wooden Camera have released a line of camera cages designed for mirrorless & DSLR cameras available in three sizes – small, medium & large. You may recognise the cages originally launched by Wooden Camera in April 2017, updating their original Quick Cage DSLR design.

The cages are designed to fit a large range of cameras so if you had multiple cameras, you could buy one kit and just swap out the vertical rods when required. The small & medium kit uses the same baseplate that also integrates a support foot for a Metabones or Wooden Camera lens adaptor.

The height of the rods are:

  • Small – 117mm suitable for cameras like smaller cameras like Sony’s A7/A9 series, Panasonic GH line & smaller DSLRs.
  • Medium – 142mm suitable for cameras like the Canon 5D series.
  • Large – 194mm suitable for tall DSLR cameras like the Canon 1DC & cameras with a battery grip.

Essentially what you end up with is a half-cage for your camera. This keeps the right side of the camera free, so you can still use the cameras grip and access all of your controls. The cage gives you a multitude of 1/4-20 ports. The top plate also features two Arri standard interface 3/8-15 ports to provide anti-twist as well as a 15mm stud where the top handle or other accessories can be mounted to.

The vertical rod uses the 15mm standard and provides additional 1/4-20″ ports as well as smaller screw holes to mount the HDMI clamp.


The top handle is mounted via either of the two 15mm clamps to attach as a side handle or a top handle. Accessories like a top mic can be mounted on the cold shoe.

The base plates use the Manfrotto 501PL style so it can attach directly to their tripod heads. The base plate included in the large kit comes with 15mm LWS rod mounts which are height-adjustable to position the rods at the right height to the camera. 15mm support can be added to the small & medium kits with the separate 15mm Baseplate.

Pricing & Availability

The small & medium kits are priced at $299 and the large is $399.



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