Matthews KitBAGS – Transport your C-stands with ease

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Transporting C-stands can be difficult. They are heavy and if you don’t have the stands with the turtle base they are long too. The ability to quickly pack and transport a few C-stands is a necessity. I personally haven’t found a bag that works well. Soft bags are hard to carry due to the weight plus lack the robustness and features required. Legs often protrude, and arms, when folded, make their size and shape awkward to carry and ship.

Matthews Studio Equipment is aiming to solve the issue with a new line of grip and lighting equipment bags called KitBAGS.  The first of which is designed specifically to ease the daily burden of transporting C-stands. With independent productions shifting to smaller crews and faster setups in multiple locations, MSE has taken its years of experience to develop the first cases that fully address all the requirements of today’s C-stand owners.

MSE gathered years of feedback from the thousands of C-Stand owners to produce bags that are convenient, strong and affordable. The new bags designed to transport several stands easily, feature ballistic nylon, heavy duty easy glide zippers, padded red interiors and high-density wheels to ensure performance and reliability.

Matthews kitbags-cstand-roll

The rolling bag has additional space for lighting stands or grip gear with an external zipper pocket for the Matthews RoadFlags II kit. Almost everything you need in one case including the little extras like business cards, name-tag holders, padded shoulder strap, grip handles and internal dividers. These new KitBAGS look like they are going to make traveling with C-stands much more convenient and easy.

MSE’s KitBAGS are available in two styles. The Rolling style is priced at $350 USD and the Shoulder style at $250 USD.

How have you been transporting your C-stands? Let us know in the comments below.

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