Wooden Camera creates PL mount for Panasonic EVA1

EVA1 PL Mount

Things just got really interesting for the Panasonic EVA1. If you are on the fence about purchasing the EVA1 because of its EF mount well it might be time to jump because Wooden Camera has a PL mount modification kit that replaces the EVA1’s EF mount. VariCam owners are probably going to love this option.

Since using an adapter to go from EF to PL is pretty much impossible. Wooden Camera created a PL mount that is a modification. For the EVA 1 when the front plate is removed the native EF lens mount is attached by 6 screws that can easily be removed.  Going between the two isn’t going to be a quick process. Wooden Camera states that If you want to go back to the EF mount it’s about a 10 minute process once you do the conversion the first time.

Wooden Camera EVA1 PL Mount_1

To ensure proper back focus the kit will ship with a shim set and a shim combination will be specified. It is best to check for proper focus can be achieved once installed.  The PL Adapter is $499.


This is a user install kit however, Wooden Camera will also offer a conversion service that would include collimation. The service will be done at Wooden Camera in Dallas and the shim combination will be noted on a card when you receive the kit. Pricing for the service is $749. Once you set it the first time just remember the shim combination when you go back to it and you should be fine. The PL mount is a standard adapter so no LDS interface (Lens Data System).

You might be thinking if this modification will affect the warranty of the EVA1. It’s hard to say but usually, when you remove parts that are not meant to be removed it could affect the warranty. As for a mount that is not a designed to be removed? Wooden Camera says you are able to put the original mount back on without any issue or permanent modification to the camera and it will appear as if it was never installed. Mitch Gross VariCam product manager states “Panasonic is happy Wooden Camera is making this modification available to people. We like you to have choices. That said if you take a screwdriver to your camera and mess something up installing this mount then that repair won’t be under warranty. But if for some reason your SDI connector fails and you send in the camera with a PL mount attached we’re not going to say “Hey there’s a PL mount on this thing so we’re not going to cover anything.” Clearly, one thing has nothing to do with the other. And if you send in a camera with a PL mount on it our service guys won’t refuse to touch it, but they’ll have to charge for the work.”

EVA1 accessories

Along with this exciting news Wooden Camera has released several pieces of kit for the EVA1 including a top plate and base plate configurations. You can see all the goodies and pricing on Wooden Camera‘s website.

Does this option of putting a PL Mount on the EVA1 make you more interested in the camera? Let’s talk in the comments section below.

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