Rycote announces all-new Stereo Cyclone advanced stereo windshield range

089126 Stereo Cyclone XY Kit 1 Dark 03

Rycote’s Cyclone windshield kit has become a very good seller and customers have been asking for a stereo version. Well, they listened and here it is! The new Stereo Cyclone range features a comprehensive selection of professional windshield kits, designed for the popular stereo and surround techniques:


X/Y Pairs

089110_Stereo_Cyclone_MS_Kit 1_Dark_02
M/S Pairs

Double M/S

Stereo Mics

Ambisonic Mics

Rycote’s unique design approach has enabled them to keep the overall size as compact as possible – so most Stereo Cyclone models feature a Small or Medium Cyclone basket sizes.

Each model has been individually designed and optimised to perfectly complement specific, popular stereo microphone combinations, and every Stereo Cyclone windshield is individually hand-built in our factory in Stroud. This very specialized manufacturing process is carried out by a highly-skilled Rycote technician and takes many hours to complete.

Each new Stereo Cyclone model is designed to accommodate a specific microphone combination with 30+ models to choose from. Whether it’s for production sound, broadcast, audio for gaming or wildlife recording – if you use stereo recording to create directionality, perspective, space, atmosphere, and realism. Rycote probably has a Stereo Cyclone model that fits your needs.


Stereo Cyclone also features a sleek new Connbox, redesigned for stereo and multichannel microphone configurations. The Connbox takes care of internal cable routing, isolation and vibration reduction – each one is uniquely built for specific microphone configurations, with every wire and connector precisely measured for maximum performance.

Like the mono Cyclone range, Stereo Cyclone features breakthrough advancements in wind and shock isolation performance. Increased transparency is achieved due to the cone-like shape, with no reflective parallel surfaces which greatly reduces room-tone effects. An optional Cyclone Windjammer® can be used for the most extreme weather conditions, delivering wind-noise reduction that exceeds any other windshield system available today.

A unique “multi-suspension” design includes the Rycote patented Lyre® Microphone Suspension System, plus the proprietary Floating-Basket Suspension (patent pending) with Lyre Technology for outstanding isolation between the basket structure and the microphone suspension.

The two-piece, Z-Locking Windshield can be removed from or attached to the suspension in an instant using just one hand allowing audio professionals to capture the best possible audio in any environment. Reassembly is automatic as components magnetically snap into perfect alignment.

Rycote makes very high-quality audio windshield products and suspension systems. This new line of Stereo Cyclone windshields looks impressive. To configure a Cyclone system for your needs use the handy tool on Rycote’s website.

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