FilmConvert Canon C200 Camera Profiles

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FilmConvert have added new camera profiles for the Canon C200. The profiles have been tailored specifically for use with either Canon’s Cinema RAW Light or .mp4 codec.

Canon C200
The AU-EVA1 is direct competition for cameras such as Canon’s new C200

The Canon C200 has already proven to be a very capable camera that offers a range of shooting options depending on the on the requirements of your production. We have already done a comprehensive review of the camera on the site, and there is also a C200 Primer course on MZed that you can also check out. If you are looking to add a more vintage, filmic look to your footage then the FilmConvert profiles are definitely worth checking out.

FilmConvert has profiles for just about every camera, from iPhones all the way up to the Arri Alexa. You can download the new C200 profiles here.

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