mFlare 2 – organic lens flare plugin for FCPX

mFlare 2 is a new FCPX plugin that allows users to create realistic organic lens flares that can be automatically tracked without having to use key frames.

mFlare 2

Lens flares, when used sparringly (unless you are J.J. Abrams), can help create a bit of atmosphere and magic to an otherwise boring shot. They are also useful for helping to create transitions or continue a theme through a project. Big budget productions often add them to complex CG shots to help convey a little more of a realistic feel.

mFlare 2 allows users to add realistic lens flare effects to live action footage directly from inside Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 apps.

mFlare 2

The plugin features 100 preset flares based on real life anamorphic flares. This gives users a very diverse collection to choose from.

No tracking!

Animating lens flares frame by frame with key frames, is not only tedious, but it’s also time consuming. With mFlare 2 you just select what area you want your flare to be in and you hit Track. The built in Mocha tracker then does all the hard work for you and will track your flare no matter where your shot moves. You can even combine your existing animation with a Track Brightness feature, which automatically dims the entire effect based on your clip’s content. Additionally, you can also enhance your Motion 5 compositions by switching to the Lights in Group mode, which will
instantly place a new flare in each of your 3D lights’ positions.

New colorization tool

mFlare 2 includes a brand new tool for finding the right colour palette for your lens effects. As in real life, it uses values from the light spectrum and automatically matches the secondary colors based on the picked conditions.


Supported software: FCPX 10.3.4, MOTION 5.3.2 (or later)
Includes: MFLARE 2plugin + 100 lens flare presets

mFlare 2 is available to download for $149US. If you have the original mFlare you can upgrade for $79US. There is also a free trial version you can download if you want to check it out to see if it’s worth the $149US asking price.

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