Miller CompassX – five new tripod models

Miller has a new tripod range called the CompassX series. The CompassX made its debut at IBC last week, and comes in five different models.

Miller CompassX

Miller claims that CompassX series was designed with speed, balance and strength in mind. The five new models are the CX2, CX6, CX8, CX10 and the CX18. The new CX fluid heads use Miller’s CB PLUS™ enabling technology. All five models feature 16 positions of counterbalance for making adjustments and the side loading base plate enables fast and easy mounting for camera rigs. The wide payload range of the CompassX series allows you to use a range of different cameras and accessories. Its robust construction guarantees a long, low maintenance service-life and low cost of ownership.

Miller CompassX

The CX2 and CX6 boast a payload range of 0-8kg and 0-12kg respectively, 16 positions of counterbalance and 3+0 pan-and-tilt drag positions with a 75mm ball levelling mounting base. Where more fluid drag is required, the CX8 and CX10 both support 5+0 drag positions, a 0-12kg payload range and a 75mm and 100mm ball levelling mounting base. The models top out with the CX18, which features a 0-16kg range, 5+0 positions pan-and-tilt of drag and 100mm ball levelling mounting base.

The CompassX series are constructed of lightweight high-strength die-cast alloy and tough composite polymers. They feature precision ball bearings and have been built for extreme conditions.

Miller may well have a tough sell on their hands after Sachtler and Vinten stole all the thunder at IBC with the first public showing of their Flowtech 75mm tripods.

All the tripods are backed by a three-year warranty. There is currently no indication of pricing or availability.

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