PDMOVIE Remote Air 3 Wireless Follow Focus Kit – IBC 2017

The PDMOVIE Remote Air 3 is a budget-friendly three channel wireless follow focus system. If you’re like me and appreciate quality build and workmanship then you will like PDMOVIE products. All their offerings are very well machined, have a nice solid feel to them and include a two-year warranty.

PDMOVIE A3-TC remote wide

The remote has a thin base that houses a 30-hour runtime battery. It’s very thin but fits in the hand nicely. On the body of the controller are both zoom and aperture controls. The high quality motors on the gears are made in Germany.

Remote control

PDMOVIE A3-TC 3 full kit

The Remote Air 3 kit features the remote and one 0.8 pitch PD3-CM (controller motor) plus two PDMOVIE PD3-SM (Standard motor) The two motors daisychain together to create the three motor wireless system.

The controller is not your traditional style. It’s thin. Only 18mm thick. Fits nice in the hand and has small readouts on the body. PDMOVIE says that the remote has zero latency and from what I could tell it seems to be the case. The wheel on the remote is good enough to offer precise control.

Get your gears on

One feature I like is that all three gears can be controlled as well as programmed remotely with an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad. You can also set a range and record moves for repeated playback. The gears require a 12 to 18 volt D-tap power source.

PDMOVIE Remote Air 3 price and availability

PDMOVIE A3-TC 3 gears

The PDMOVIE Remote Air 3 Wireless Follow Focus Kit (Triple Channel) costs $1,944 US. If you prefer to get only one motor and a single channel that model cost $1,079 US. All-in-all a very nice looking and affordable option for a wireless three channel system.

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