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GlassMak Artist prototype portable makeup mirror system – IBC 2017

The GlassMak Studio is a transportable make-up mirror light developed for make-up artists and hairdressers to use on location.

Developed and manufactured in Paris, the GlassMak Studio is designed for professionals in the TV, broadcast and film industries looking for a rugged, color accurate illuminated mirror.

GlassMAK 2 products

The GlassMak Studio is the first of its kind to have LED lighting provided by DMG Lumière. The company claim the light has a CRI of 95 and TLCI better than 92 in both tungsten and daylight colors. It’s also possible to adjust the colours in “fine” increments from 3000K to 5600K.

Glassmak Artist: smaller, lighter

At IBC GlassMak introduced a new prototype portable and more affordable solution called the GlassMak Artist. The company was getting many requests from independent make-up artists who enjoyed using the higher-priced Studio product but wanted something more affordable.

GlassMAK artist 2

The GlassMak Artist is smaller and lighter weight but designed to be durable for professional use. The prototype has a speaker, USB connection and audio input. The Artist features the same controls and features as the larger Studio version. Dimming and color temperature is changed with a single knob. To select each function you change it by pushing a button.

GlassMak Artist: have your say

The portable kit is powered by AC as well as a high-powered portable USB battery. The GlassMak Artist is still in the early stages but the product looks very promising. If you have any input contact them through their website.

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