Atomos Sumo 19M production monitor – IBC 2017

The Atomos Sumo 19M is a monitor-only version of the company’s Sumo recorder, designed for use on location and as a reference monitor for editing.

Remove the recorder, reduce the price

Atomos Sumo 19M

Atomos decided to release a more traditional monitor after seeing just how many monitors were used on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean in 2016. By removing the recording circuitry, which has steadily become more expensive as the capabilities of the products have increased, Atomos have been able to reduce the price of the Sumo 19M compared to the regular Sumo.

Atomos Sumo 19M
The UI is now more immediately accessible, with soft buttons arranged at the bottom of the screen.

They have also responded to user feedback and made some tweaks to the Atom OS UI. The controls for the 19 M are much more ‘button-like’ but in a touchscreen. Rather than having to navigate through menus to find features, you swipe to reveal functions and swipe to dismiss them again. It’s partly down to the fact that there’s no need to accommodate a record function, but the result is an interface that’s cleaner and easier to use.

“Visual is best”

Atomos Sumo 19M
Sumo 19M on the left and regular Sumo on the right. Spot the difference!

The monitor is bright enough – a claimed 1200nits – to be viewable outside, and displays a claimed 10.5 stops of range. LUT support is built in so you can check Log footage and preview an image that’s closer to how it will look after a grade. There’s also still RAW support, so although you won’t be recording the feed to ProRes you can still monitor from the RAW outputs of Sony, Panasonic and Canon cameras.

There’s also the option to toggle between the A and B inputs so if you’re shooting multiple cameras you can keep an eye on both of them from one monitor.

Sumo 19M price and availability

The Sumo 19M will ship by the end of September for $1,995 US, plus local taxes.

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