Tokina 20mm T2.1 E-mount cine lens prototype – IBC 2017

The Tokina 20mm T2.1 E-mount cine lens is a prototype produced in response to customer demand for a small wideangle cine prime for use on Sony’s alpha range of full frame cameras.

Stills to video

Tokina 20mm T2.1 cine prototype lens
The lens is a a good fit for the a7 series.

It’s a conversion of Tokina’s existing 20mm stills lens, with the addition of gearing for focus and iris and a switch to T-stops rather than f/stops.

No changes have been made to the number or type of aperture blades at this stage, although it might be possible in the future if there’s enough demand.

Tokina 20mm T2.1 cine lens prototype
The cine-ised lens features gears and witness marks.

The lens offers full frame coverage and has electronic contacts to pass information about your frame back through to the camera body.

“Trendy drone shooting”

Tokina 20mm T2.1 cine lens prototype
For me? You shouldn’t have!

Tokina see the lens as being ideal for use on drones, aiming to provide the image quality of a prime in a small package to match the Sony a7 and a9 series of cameras. The 20mm focal length should provide a good angle of view for this application.

It’s early days but if this focal length is successful 50mm or 75mm options could join the range, potentially in other mounts – possibly even PL.

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