Hawk Wood’s Mini V: the world’s smallest V-Lock batteries

The Hawk Wood’s Mini V V-Lok batteries offer all the advantages of bigger batteries but in a much smaller form factor.

Anybody who uses V-lock batteries to power their cameras or accessories knows just how much space they take up. The Hawk Wood’s Mini V V-lok batteries allow you to save on space, but still provide the amount of power you need.

Flight safe options for travel

The batteries work on all existing camera and equipment plates, as well as chargers. The 100W and 150W versions are safe and legal to take on flights in carry-on baggage.

Dual battery plate: longer shoots, hot swaps

Hawk Wood's Mini-V V-Lock
The dual battery sled for the Mini-V batteries can be used on cameras or chargers.

Hawk Wood’s also offer a VL-MCF1 dual battery plate so that you can use two batteries at once. If you use two 150w versions you can get drastically increased run times without taking up anymore space than if you were using a single conventional V-lock battery.

Hawk Wood's Mini-V V-mount
The sled doesn’t take up much more room than a regular V-mount

The other benefit of using two batteries on the VL-MCF1 plate is you can hot swap batteries for continuous power. In a rather smart move, you can also charge two batteries on a single V-lock charger plate by using the VL-MCF1.

The Hawk Wood’s Mini V V-lok batteries look to be ideal for use on drones and gimbals, as well as most digital cinema cameras.

Hawk Wood's Mini-V V-Lock batteries
Half the size with the same capacity.

Hawk Wood’s Mini V price and availability

The 100W will retail for about £245, and the 150W version £365. The VL-MCF1 dual battery plate will be around £235.

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