Wooden Camera D-Box Plus for Alexa Mini – IBC 2017

The Wooden Camera D-Box plus for the Arri Alexa Mini updates the company’s existing D-Box camera breakout box, adding video distribution as well as powering options for external accessories.


Wooden Camera D-Box Plus

The D-Box Plus connects to the Alexa Mini via three cables that plug into the SDI, power and EXT connectors. Then from the D-Box Plus you get access to:


  • Two 12v two-pin lemo
  • Two 24V three-pin Fischer connectors with start/stop
  • Two 12V D-taps
  • Replica EXT port


  • three SDI ports
  • two HDMI ports

Power is nothing without control

Wooden Camera D-Box Plus

Wooden Camera have replaced the traditional fuse you would expect to find in a power distribution board with a digital fuse. If you go over the D-Box Plus’s limit an LED will light up and power to connected accessories will turn off.

Crucially the camera itself will not, to minimise the chances of losing takes when you’re rolling. To reset the system you’ll have to disconnect accessories until the load is back to an acceptable level and press a reset button.

DC > battery

New in this revision of the D-Box is that DC input is prioritised over battery power. The battery will only take over if the DC input is removed, ensuring you’ll always get the most efficient use out of a connected battery.

Wooden Camera D-Box Plus

Wooden Camera D-Box Plus price and availability

The D-Box Plus will initially be available in V-mount and Gold mount versions for the Arri Alexa Mini. Wooden Camera then intend to make a version for RED DSCM2 cameras, and then possibly models to fit Canon, Sony and Panasonic cameras.

The D-Box Plus is scheduled to ship in around six weeks’ time for $1,995 US. Owners of the original Wooden Camera D-Box can trade in their existing version for a $600 discount.

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