Genustech Scriptshade lightweight prompter – IBC 2017

The Genustech Scriptshade prompter is a lightweight way to add a prompter to your camera via a smartphone or tablet.

Prompting plus filtration

Genustech Scriptshade
A talent’s-eye-view of the Genustech Scriptshade.

It’s a collaboration between Genus and US firm Interlogic, and combines a beamsplitter mirror and shade with a Genus 4×4 mattebox. As well as being very lightweight compared to a regular prompting system, this also means that you can combine prompting with filtration behind the mattebox.

Lightweight prompter, lightweight mounting

The whole setup is light enough to mount to the camera via 15mm rods, but substantial enough to support an iPad (or other tablet) to display the script. It also makes it possible to use the Scriptshade prompter on stabilized rigs like gimbals or Steadicams – though once you have a display source attached as well your camera might be a little front heavy without some additional help from something like an Easyrig.

Prompt in 60 seconds

Genustech Scriptshade
The smartphone used as a prompting display is locked into place via a clamp at the front of the unit.

Still, Anthony from Genus says he thinks you can remove the prompter in under a minute. If you’ve ever had to assemble or disassemble a regular prompter (even tablet-based ones) on location you’ll appreciate that’s substantially quicker than is possible with a bigger setup.

The system is designed to be compatible with a wide variety of smartphones and tablets, and because it’s a hardware bundle you can use any prompting app you like. Genus are also developing their own app for Android and iOS though, along with a Bluetooth remote to give you control over scrolling speed.

Genustech Scriptshade teleprompter price and availability

The Genustech Scriptshade will be launched on December 10, priced at $699 US. The kit will contain a mattebox and filter trays, step up rings, the beamsplitter mirror and hood and a height extension bracket. You can get updates on the product via its Indiegogo page here.

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