Aladdin large flexible LED panel light – IBC 2017

At IBC in Amsterdam Aladdin were showing a large flexible LED panel light that can be run off mains or battery power. Flexible panel lights continue to gain traction and their lightweight and portable design makes them a good solution for solo operators and small crews.

Aladdin large flexible LED panel light

The LEDs are layered onto material that is very reminiscent of a space blanket. This allows you to carry around a large lighting source that takes up very little space. On the show floor Aladdin had nine panel lights all connected up together to form a giant soft source wall. The nine lights had a combined power draw of just 1,800W and were being run off a single mains power outlet. The same setup could even be run off camera batteries if you were able to use a battery for each individual panel.

Aladdin large flexible LED panel light


Aladdin large flexible LED panel light price and availability

The flexible panels were all bi-colour and fully dimmable. The panels are 3’x3′ and you can combine as many as you want to create large lighting sources. A single panel source with dimmer unit is expected to cost somewhere between $2,000 to $3,000 US and they should be available in the next few months.

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