Pomfort PocketControl iOS app for Arri Alexa Mini and Amira – IBC 2017

The Pomfort PocketControl iOS app allows you to control camera settings on the Arri Alexa Mini and Amira cameras via your iOS device. Alexa SXT compatibility will be added in a future software update.

Isn’t wireless control built in already?

The cameras already offer remote control of settings but where PocketControl has a big advantage over Arri’s own web browser version is that it gives you access to the Arri look library (if you have it installed on your camera) and will allow you to choose a look and apply it to your image.

Pomfort PocketControl
Access to the Arri Look Library is integrated into the app (provided you have it installed).

With the basic grading controls included in the app, you can alter the image to change contrast and saturation, or make the image warmer/cooler. This information is then recorded as metadata so you can start post-production with an image that’s as close as possible to what you were looking at through the viewfinder.

Pomfort PocketControl
Using PocketControl on an iPad gives you more control options thanks to the increased screen size.

Startup times are also quicker when compared to controlling the camera via the web interface and Arri say it will be more realiable and easier to use. The interface certainly looks incredibly clear and well thought out.

Pomfort PocketControl price and availability

The Pomfort PocketControl app will be released in October for iOS devices. A free version will allow you to monitor camera settings but not change them. The cost to upgrade to the full version hasn’t been finalised but should be between $150-200 US.

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