Arri two-axis stabilizer – IBC 2017

The Arri two-axis stabilizer is an add-on to the company’s Trinity system that accepts the Arri Trinity hybrid stabilizer head and turns it into a handheld gimbal.

A “Swiss army knife” of filmmaking

Arri’s vision is to allow operators of their Trinity stabilizer offer multiple services on set. So for one shot you might be handheld using the head and the new two-axis stabilizer and for another you might be zooming around your talent on a barely-legal hoverboard setup. For instance.

Curt O. Schaller from Arri sees the two-axis stabilizer as a means to get quick shots, out of a car window for example, before switching setups to get another style of shot.

As we’ve seen with other Arri kit at this year’s IBC show you can also attach the company’s Master Grips to allow you to control the camera without taking your hands off the gimbal handles.

Arri two-axis Stabilizer price

Pricing hasn’t been determined yet but Arri’s aim is to offer the two-axis stabiliser separately as well as part of a Trinity kit package.

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