Angénieux multi-format 12x Optimo- the mother of all zooms

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Angénieux has just announced a new multi-format high magnification zoom for the high-end production market that they are calling the 12x Optimo. The new lens is the successor to the very popular and industry standard Optimo 24-290mm (and 28-340mm).

The previous Optimo 24-290mm (and 28-340mm) were fantastic lenses but they only covered Super35mm image sensors. With the shift towards larger full frame sensors there has been a glaring need for more high end cinema zoom lenses. So what Angénieux have done it take the same IRO technology they were using in their EZ zooms and applied it to the new 12x Optimo. This gives users the ability to configure the lens to cover 3 different formats: S35 (Ø31.1mm image circle), U35 (Ø34.6mm image circle) and FF/VV (Ø46.3mm image circle).

The ability to have a lens that covers a range of 24-290mm all at T2.8 is impressive itself, but then being able to take that same lens and have it cover a FF/VV (Ø46.3mm image circle) with a focal range of 36-435mm at T4.2 takes things to a whole new level. This makes this lens extremely versatile and in practical terms you get a zoom that can cover anywhere from 24-435mm (or 48-870mm if you use a 2x extender). There is no other dedicated cinema zoom lens on the market that has this ability.

The Optimo Ultra 12x features a totally new optical & mechanical design, that Angénieux claim offers high optical performance (superb image quality, no ramping, minimal breathing, very short MOD) and improved mechanical stability and serviceability. The Optimo Ultra 12x which comes with the standard PL mount lens, has a sub-mount system in order to be equipped with various mount options. Mechanically, the lens features precise and ergonomic focus ring with ability to swap easily the focus scale ring from meters to feet. It is designed for extreme shooting conditions with a better sealed optical area than on its predecessor reducing dust inhale, and can be used in a temperature range from -20°C to +40°C (-5°F to + 105°F).

Two packages will be available:
– Standard Optimo Ultra 12x package : Zoom S35 + U35 Kit
– Full Optimo Ultra 12x package : Zoom S35 + U35 Kit + FF/VV Kit

Also available are a specially designed carry handle and a front protective glass filter. Optimo Extenders 1.4X and 2X can also fit the Optimo Ultra 12x.

This new lens is sure to become the high magnification zoom of choice on feature films, TV series, live stage, commercials, and music Videos.

There is no indication on pricing just yet, but it’s certainly not going to be cheap, and looks to be a rental only item. For reference the current Optimo 24-290mm retails for $73,399US.

Angénieux have also announced that the uncoated front element and a special coated rear element for the Optimo 56-152 A2S and 30-72 A2S anamorphic zooms will also be available for the Optimo 28-76 and 15-40 for those looking to add a distinctive look to spherical lenses as well.

Both accessories can be bought separately and be installed (or removed) by lens technicians without affecting the image characteristics.

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