CAME-TV Prophet and CAME-TV Spry gimbals now shipping

CAME-TV have started shipping a pair of new gimbals that we first saw at NAB earlier this year. The CAME-TV Prophet is an upgrade to the company’s Argo gimbal for DSLR and CSC sized cameras and the Spry is aimed at smaller rigs: action cameras, smartphones and the Sony RX100 series for example.

CAME-TV Prophet

The CAME-Prophet replaces the CAME-Argo gimbal, weighs 3.63lbs (1.65kg) with battery and has a maximum payload of 6.6lbs (3 kg). The Prophet comes with a single handed pistol grip handle but with the option to mount a variety of compatible two-handed accessories – including the company’s Orbit-Two Ring Mount, Dual Handles and Tessera. The included handle also features a built-in joystick.

The Prophet doesn’t come with a battery or charger – though this struck me as a little odd at first, the gimbal runs off a Sony BP-compatible battery which you might already have or be able to source easily enough. CAME-TV say this is to ‘pass savings on to you’ and also to minimise the risk of running into issues shipping Li-Ion batteries.

The Prophet can be operated underslung or inverted, and the pan motor can be used on either side of the camera, making it easier to route cables whatever camera you’re mounting on it.

CAME-TV Prophet
The CAME-TV Prophet kit includes the gimbal, a pistol grip, a camera plate, a remote control and a hard case.

All motors offer full 360° rotation and feature encoders to extend run time and make calibration easier. CAME-TV claim a battery life of up to 10 hours on a single charge and balancing the camera is tool-less.

In a nice touch, the Prophet features a Manfrotto 501PL-compatible quick release camera plate. Although it’s only a small thing, it does mean if you have a compatible tripod already you won’t have to swap mounting plates when you want to switch from tripod to gimbal, or fork out for a third party quick release system. This is a really practical idea that I’m sure will mean you’ll get more use out of the gimbal just from the convenience factor.


The CAME-TV Spry is a lightweight 1.1lb (0.55kg) gimbal and features three different heads that can be swapped to mount either a smartphone, GoPro or point-and-shoot camera weighing up to 1.1 lbs. If you’re using a Sony camera there are four buttons on the gimbal’s handle that will let you control zoom, focus and record start/stop. You also get a Bluetooth remote to control an iPhone via the CAME-TV BT Shutter app.

We took a look at an early version of the Spry at NAB this year.

The Spry’s pan motor can be configured on either side of the camera too (although cable routing is going to be less of a problem with such small cameras). All the motors feature full 360° rotation.

The Spry Battery Foot is an optional extra that includes a larger battery and integrated screw threads to easily mount the gimbal via standard 1/4″20 accessories.

CAME-TV Prophet and Spry gimbals: Pricing and availability

Both gimbals are available now via resellers or the CAME-TV website. The Prophet starts at $888 US (an auspicious number there!) and the Spry retails for $458 US.

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