Philip Grossman: Searching for Chernobyl’s mysteries this Thursday 9pm ET

PG01 Chernobyl

We’ve featured Newsshooter contributor Philip Grossman’s passion project in the past – he’s fascinated by Chernobyl and has dedicated a large proportion of what would otherwise be his free time to documenting it with an array of video equipment.

You might think you’re in the zone when you’re shooting, but Philip Grossman is really in the Zone.

Over the past six years, Philip has travelled to the irradiated Chernobyl Nuclear Zone six times and spent nearly 100 days on the ground there documenting the legacy of the 1986 disaster.

Philip has taken a variety of equipment into the Zone, including drones, and has returned with some incredibly striking footage of places abandoned after the area was irradiated.

It’s been a passion project but now also has a broadcast slot: footage from Philip’s expeditions will be shown on the Science Channel as a special episode of their series, MYSTERIES OF THE ABANDONED: CHERNOBYL’S DEADLY SECRETS. Set your PVR for this Thursday, 31 August at 9 pm ET/PT!

Meet and greet

And if you’re in Amsterdam for IBC next month you can catch Philip in person as he’ll be giving a talk on the Adobe stage about his experiences filming and editing his footage. He’ll be presenting Sunday, 17 September at 3pm and on Monday, 18 September at 5:00 PM (8:00 AM PT) which will be livestreamed on the Adobe Premiere Pro Facebook page (@premierepro).

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