Vocas MFC-3- a unique follow focus system

MFC 3 follow focus

Vocas has come up with a unique follow focus called the MFC-3. What makes the MFC-3 totally different than most other follow focus systems currently on the market is that it has no transmission between the knob and the drive gear. The benefit of this design is that it makes the follow focus 100% playless. There will be two new models which feature this design, the MFC-3 and the MFC-3F.

What does 100% playless actually mean?

The unique feature of the MFC-3 is that the focus knob and drive gear consist of only one part, unlike traditional follow focus systems there is no transmission, instead it uses a direct drive. The direct drive means you are eliminating the internal gears so there is no difference in the motion going in and going out. The other benefit of this design is that the MFC-3 has a 1:1 transmission ratio which is ideal for stills lenses and smaller cameras with integrated lenses that have a short focus rotation.

Vocas claim that because of the elimination of internal gears the lifespan of the follow focus is dramatically increased. The unique shape of the drive gear teeth is what makes this all possible. These specially shaped teeth can push the gear ring of the lens up or down when rotating the focus knob the same way a camera operator is used to.

Two versions

There are 2 versions of the MFC-3, the standard version and the F version. The MFC-3F has one additional feature over the standard version, namely it has an adjustable friction build in. Rotating the red dial on the focus knob allows you to fine tune the internal friction of the MFC-3F to your own preference.


This follow focus is angled slightly downwards for more comfort and can be rotated horizontally to a certain degree to make operating it even more ergonomic.

Reversible rotation direction

The rotation direction can also be reversed. This can be done by moving the follow focus forward and backwards to let the gear grip the lens on the left or right side of the drive gear.

Palm support

As with the Vocas MFC-2, a palm support accessory is available for the MFC-3. This palm support makes it possible to focus the lens and support the camera at the same time.

Right handgrip

If you want to support the camera on both sides without purchasing another bracket, Vocas have a rosette accessory for the right side of the MFC-3 15 mm bracket, which allows you to mount a handgrip on the same bracket.

What does it come with?

Bot the MFC-3 and MFC-3F follow focus units come with the Vocas flexible gear ring, with 2 movable stops. For use with cilindrical lenses with a focus barrel diameter between 40mm and 110mm.

The new follow focus systems MFC-3 and MFC-3F will be ready for shipping just before the start of IBC in a few weeks time.

The MFC-3 will have a retail price of €475, and the MFC-3F costs €535.

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