SLR Magic circular fixed ND filters

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SLR Magic have announced a new range of circular fixed ND filters for use on lenses with up to an 82mm front filter thread.

The most common option for shooters using still photography lenses on digital cameras that don’t have in-built ND is to use a variable ND filter, but often this can lead to compromises in image quality. Using fixed ND filters often results in better overall image quality, but it does come at the cost of convenience.

A balancing act

SLR Magic had to design their new ND filters to overcome the age-old problem of the increased infared contamination you get as the strength of the ND is increased. Modern digital sensors have a broad color spectrum and are sensitive to far red for better color response, but as soon as you add ND filters, only light in the visible spectrums are suppressed without accounting for far red to infrared suppression.

According to SLR Magic their filters have the following properties:

  • The SLR Magic ND contains no dichroic coating and will not vignette green, magenta or cyan at wide angles.
  • The SLR Magic ND filter suppresses far red along with visible light to avoid issues of color shift and far red pollution when higher density ND is used.

All cameras and digital sensors are different and certain brands are more sensitive to infrared light. So for best results, SLR Magic also recommend using the SLR Magic Image Enhancer Pro filter for IR control.

SLR Magic claim that all their filters are manufactured and optimised to deliver colour accuracy and sharpness across all brands of lenses, and, when utilized with their own proprietary lenses, the results are even better.

Who are you calling dense?

The SLR Magic fixed ND filters are available in the following densities.

  • 0.3 (1 Stop) – 82mm
  • 0.6 (2 Stop) – 82mm
  • 0.9 (3 Stop) – 82mm
  • 1.2 (4 Stop) – 82mm
  • 1.5 (5 Stop) – 82mm
  • 1.8 (6 Stop) – 82mm
  • 2.7 (9 Stop) – 82mm
  • 3.0 (10 Stop) – 82mm

The filters only come in 82mm filter sizes, but users can use step up rings to use them on lenses with smaller front filter diameters.

The SLR Magic ND filter (MSRP: $99 US) will be available from authorized dealers starting September 2017.

Sharpshooter program

Along with the new ND filters SLR Magic have announced a Sharpshooter program for users who are interested in buying these at a discount tier program in exchange for reviews, video and editorial assets.
1. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject “SLR Magic ND filter Sharpshooter program”
2. Include metrics for your social handles, subs, likes and followers.
3. Provide sample videos/photos or link to photo/video reviews of your work

Do you use fixed or variable ND filters? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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