Vocas Top Handgrip Pro

Top handgrip Pro kit

The Vocas Top Handgrip Pro has been designed as a universal top handle that will work on a variety of different cameras. The closed handle provides additional safety when using a heavy camera set-up by reducing the chances of your hands slipping. On an open handle system there is always the chance of your hand slipping off, particularly if it is wet or you are wearing gloves.

In addition to the added security and safety of being fully enclosed, the Top Handgrip Pro has a range of mounting options for ¼” and cold-shoe accessories. A carrying strap can also be attached to the handle.

The Top Handgrip Pro is fairly universal and you can mount it on smaller cameras, such as the Canon EOS C300, or on bigger cameras, such as the Canon EOS C700. Depending on the camera different mounting brackets are available.

Single or multiple handle fixing points

Vocas gives users the choice of using single or multiple handle fixing points. When using a single mounting bracket, the carrying weight is 40 kg. With multiple mounting brackets, this increases to 75 kg.

When using a single mounting bracket, a clamping block can also be mounted so that 15 mm top bars can be used. The clamping blocks are available in 15 and 19 mm. If two mounting brackets are used then two clamping blocks can also be mounted to provide more stability and carrying capacity.

19 mm Dividable clamping block

There is also the option of having a 19mm dividable clamping block that can be split into two single 19mm rod holders. In this way, a single 19 mm rod can be mounted on two mounting brackets (front and rear) – this is convenient for mounting lens motors.

The new Vocas top handgrip Pro is available right now for €315,00. Vocas will show the new top handgrip Pro at the IBC show in Amsterdam.

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