XTENDER No-Twist adapter takes the twist out of mounting Atomos Inferno and Flame monitors


Nothing is more frustrating with monitor mounts than how they can twist and spin on the 1/4″ 20 mounting point. Well the gang at XTENDER listened to those cries and came up with the XTENDER No-Twist adapter for the ATOMOS Inferno and Flame mount so they don’t rotate in an unwanted fashion any more. 

XTENDER-ANTA-10 Field 4_a

The XTENDER No-Twist adapter fits snugly around the base or the top of the Atomos monitor/recorder to keep it in place.  It has all the same features of the other Friction Mount models, like the micro-adjustable friction based panning and tilting.  These things are rock solid!

If you already have the mount they also sell the No-Twist adapter separately so you can add it to your existing 200 and 210 Series Friction Mounts for $39 US. 


Here’s the kicker: the adapter was made to work with the 200 Series Arm Kits like the Film at 11, Live at 5 and 2 Shot.  Know you can move it from one mount to another, ingenious!

I like my XTENDER products and I use them every day on my shoots.  This new addition is going to make using the Atomos Inferno and Flame a whole lot better.

The Atomos Inferno and Flame adapter cost $39 US to add to your existing XTENDER friction mount.

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