Add BIG Power to the new SmallHD 503 and 703 with Hawk-Woods VL-MF1 adapters

Hawk Woods VL MF1 adapters

The Hawk-Woods VL-MF1 adapters are a power solution for the new, very bright, SmallHD 503 and 703 monitors. The SmallHDs don’t have a battery solution built into the body. Instead you have options on how you want to configure it with a 12v 2pin LEMO input. In comes Hawk-Woods with their solution.

Hawk-Woods VL-MF1 adapters for SmallHD 703

The SmallHD 703 UltraBright
Hawk-Woods VL-MF1 for SmallHD 703
Hawk-Woods VL-MF1 for SmallHD 703

The VL-MF1 adapter powers the Small HD’s 703 monitor with a V-Lock battery for greatly extended run-times. You can also power other devices with the supplied power-con output.

The VL-MF1 is installed by screwing the backplate to the monitor via the Gold Mount fitment points. Then you reattach the V-Lock fitting to the back plate. Powering the SmallHD via the Lemo DC input activates the Lemo output on the monitor.

Hawk-Woods VL-MF1 for SmallHD 703
Hawk-Woods VL-MF1 for SmallHD 703
VL-MF1 Features
  • Small HD703 Compatible
  • One Power-con output
  • Lemo OB fixed lead

Hawk-Woods VL-MF2 adapters for SmallHD 503

SmallHD 503 back

The VLM2 works in a similar way, but only fits the SmallHD 503 and adds a second power-con output.

VLM2 Features
  • Small HD503 compatible
  • Two power-con outputs
  • Fixed Lemo power lead

How much runtime you can get with a V-lock battery will depend on the capacity you’re using – but I’m sure even with a modestly sized one it will run for a pretty long time.

The Hawk-Woods VL-MF2 & VL-MF1 cost £105.00 (ex VAT). Availability is limited at the moment, however can be purchased direct from 3D Broadcast

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