ShotPut Pro 6 for Windows now available

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ShotPut Pro 6 for Windows brings the latest version of what’s arguably the industry standard offloading software to the PC.

Backup backup backup

If you’ve not used it before, ShotPut Pro allows you to ingest media from memory cards to multiple locations, and crucially, check automatically that the backups you’ve made match the source material. This might sound like a small thing, but if you’re just dragging and dropping through the Mac finder or Windows desktop you have to check file sizes manually yourself to ensure that your copies haven’t corrupted.

Shotput Pro 6 for Windows
Reports can feature checksums used for verification and thumbnails of the footage that’s been copied.

ShotPut Pro generates an automatic report after each offload, which you can customise to include thumbnails of what’s in the clip and various metadata, ranging from framerate to dimensions to codec.

New features, custom profiles

The interface has had an overhaul, and there’s a new Destination mode that allows you to simply drag and drop files from sources to where you want to store them. It’s how I’ve been using ShotPut Pro and it’s a nice, simple screen that also has a clear progress indicator to show how far along the process is.

Shotput Pro 6 for Windows
Customise file paths and naming conventions.

It’s also very customisable, and if you want to tinker with settings you can add custom profiles for how your offloads are organised, change how the files are verified and decide if you want to copy everything simultaneously or sequentially.

Shotput Pro 6 for Windows
Lots of options for what information you’d like included in your reports.

It’s also possible to pause and resume offloads, from both ends of the process: so you can swap out memory cards or hard drives and carry on when they’re available again.

Shotput Pro 6 for Windows pricing and availability

ShotPut Pro 6 for Windows is available now from the Imagine Products website for $129 US. If you’re already a user of v5 you can upgrade to the latest version for $29 US.


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