Lights, Camera, Cine Gear: hot topics from this year’s Expo

This year with AbelCine we put up a panel and discussed what we saw at Cine Gear Expo. I was joined with Jeff Lee, National Training Manager at AbelCine, and DP / Educator Jem Schofield from The C47. Both of these gentlemen know our industry very well. It was a fun and enlightening discussion on what we saw at Cine Gear Expo 2017. Enjoy!

Cine Gear Expo Group

Cine Gear Expo 2017 was a hit! Panasonic showed the new AU-EVA1 to the world and I was able to get a one-on-one with Panasonic Cinema Camera Product Manager Mitch Gross who showed me the camera and told me everything he could about this exciting 10bit 4:2:2 camera. Plus we saw the Canon C200 for the first time  and tested out the touchscreen. Very cool, but that’s just the new cameras. Cine Gear was also flooded with new RGB lighting. These are very cool and will have a big impact on how you use gels, or should I say how you won’t need them as much?

Cine Gear Expo is growing

Cine Gear banner

The Expo is growing and for the first time we had product releases exclusive to Cine Gear. I do feel it could become the most relevant convention for industry since its focus is more narrow. NAB for example is more focused on broadcasting than filmmaking and video production. I personally don’t have a lot of interest in live trucks and switchers. Cine Gear feels more in my world and the show is smaller and easier to see everything. You won’t miss much if you spend a solid day at the expo.

But wait… there’s more

I hope you enjoyed the discussion and yes the production values aren’t quite what I would have liked, but I feel the topics and the discussion is very relevant. I promise we will do better on the next one.
If you can you should go next year yourself. It’s a lot of fun to be on the Paramount Studios lot surrounded by all the wonderful tools we all lust after. Would you like to see us do more of these talks? Let’s us know in the comments section below.


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