Quasar Science Q50R RGBX LED tube light – Cinegear 2017

Quasar Science had their latest RGB LED fixtures on show at Cine Gear this year: the Quasar Science Q50R. Apparently the ‘R’ stands for ‘Rainbow’ which to my mind is rather refreshing in an industry which often seems to be defined by a love of quasi-military terminology and styling. Let’s all light with rainbows!

Form factor

Quasar Science Q50R
These fixtures are about the same size as the wireless DMX controller

The lights themselves are tube style fixtures, and will be available in 1ft, 2ft, 4ft and 8ft lengths. The company said they began the project with the aim of producing good quality white light from 2000K-6000K that could then be saturated with colour.

Power and control options

Quasar Science Q50R
Built-in OLED screen shows status and menus

The units accept 12V – 26V via a twist-lock DC barrel connector so can be powered by batteries. The Q50R also accepts mains voltages from 90V to 256V  so it can be used worldwide from the wall.

Quasar Science Q50R
The fixtures are available as 2ft, 4ft and 8ft tubes.

There’s wired and wireless DMX though no app for now, wireless control coming instead via a LumenRadio hardware controller. No need for a remote if you don’t want to use one, though, as on the units you’ve got controls for intensity, hue, saturation, +/- green and colour temperature.

Reuse and recycle

Brilliantly, because of the tube form factor it’s possible to retrofit the tubes to Kinoflo housings, making use of your existing fixtures but giving them a new lease on life.

Price and availability

The Quasar Science Q50R is slated to ship at the beginning of August. A 1ft tube will cost $399 US, the 2ft $499 US, the 4ft $699 US and the 8ft $999 US. Not bad for a real-life light sabre.

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