Aputure Tri-8 packs 888 LEDS in a bright compact heavy duty fixture

One of the first Aputure lights I bought was the affordable Amaran HR672 light panels because I needed a portable bright light for a few shoots where I didn’t have power. These put out a lot of light in a small package. The only downside to the HR672 is they don’t have a very robust or heavy duty build.

Along comes the Tri-8

Aputure Tri 8

The Tri-8 fixes this issue and then some. It has an all new sealed metal housing similar to the Light Storm LS1s. It uses cooling fins instead of fans to keep them cool but instead of an open face LED the TRI-8 has a bulletproof PVC front cover to protect those diodes. Nice job Aputure!

Oh and yes even more output by adding more LEDs! How about 888 total! Thats 216 more and 25% brighter. The new Tri-8 will come in three different models. Spot, flood and bicolor. Aputure is also trying to workout the output issue with bicolor fixtures. It sure would be great to have the same output with bicolor lights than you have with dedicated kelvin versions.

The Tri-8 still use the popular and inexpensive Sony batteries but added a D-Tap power tap on the side so you can power the light with longer lasting Gold Mount or V-Mount’s. This is a great idea and I think a huge upgrade. The larger battery can be mounted where the AC power supply is located when it’s not in use. I use the HR672 with batteries 90% of the time now I can run even longer. On the back you have a battery indicator that lets you know how much actual time is left as opposed to a fuel gauge style. A nice upgrade is how the batteries lock into the Tri-8. Aputure added 2 secure quick release buttons. The batteries lock into place now instead of just sliding in and pressure locking.

Go Wireless

Aputure Wireless remote

The Tri-8 also uses the same type of remote control like many of the other Light Storm and Amaran fixtures for easy wireless control.

Learn to love the handles

Aputure Tri 8 Handles

I’ve heard a lot of feedback on the handles and I have to say I like them a lot. I’ll hand my grip the Tri-8 for quick shots and shoot and move situations. They love the ability to go Hollywood with a handles. Makes holding the light really easy.

They also acts like a stand for putting The light on a table top. This makes it very versatile for a quick setup when you need a little pop! The Tri-8 still has the 1/4 20″ tap on the bottom for a light stand adapter.The Tri-8 uses the same accessories as the Amaran HR672 so if you have an EZ Box.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Those crazy kids at Aputure are having some fun with LED placement. Staggering the LED’s also helps reduce the multiple shadow effect of LED’s and thats one packed array!


The Tri-8 retails for under $500. US and includes softbox, two batteries, light stand mount, AC and a nice travel case.

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