Shooting big cats in 4K with Atomos recorders

If you’re on the fence about whether an Atomos recorder can keep up with your workflow, cinematographer Abraham Joffe is here to suggest it probably can.

Big cats look better in 4K

He’s used the company’s Flame series of recorders on location in the Maasai Mara National Reserve to capture some incredibly impressive footage of lions, zebras and, er, presenters.

Big Cats
I find this set up intriguing – a one handed gimbal paired with a Shogun recorder. It looks surprisingly well-balanced.

From this peek behind the scenes of the series he shot, called Big Cats, it looks like Joffe makes extensive use of gimbals and slow motion in his work. The results are incredibly impressive: meditative, almost dreamlike images of these animals in their native environment.

Further reading

For more information on Abraham Joffe (ACS 2017 Australian Cinematographer of the Year) check out his website here. And for more on Atomos, their website is here. But surely you know that by now, right?



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