Ground Control Griffin LUTs for the DJI Mavic Pro – Review

Ground Control Griffin LUTs for the DJI Mavic Pro are a series of 16 unique looks that have been designed to work wth D-Log and conventionally recorded footage.

If you are shooting D-Log (something I don’t personally recommend when using the Mavic Pro), Ground Control recommends you have the D-Log settings at -1,-3,-3 to get the best results from applying a Griffin LUT. If you are shooting in profiles other than D-Log you can use Rec.709 LUT versions to apply to your footage.

The 16 different LUTs

GC_Griffin_April – Enhance greens
GC_Griffin_Athens – Black & white that brings out detail in plantlife
GC_Griffin_Ava – Bleach bypass Inspired Grade
GC_Griffin_Badlands – Strong Warm Look
GC_Griffin_Caroline – High contrast filmic look
GC_Griffin_Chance – Beutiful blues and greens
GC_Griffin_Door – Emerald punch
GC_Griffin_Entranced – Turns water and skies a strong green
GC_Griffin_Imogen – Slight warmth in blues
GC_Griffin_Insurge – Warm and desaturated
GC_Griffin_Jane – Warmer greens
GC_Griffin_Knox – Deep punchy film look
GC_Griffin_Lara – Strong cool look
GC_Griffin_Mera – Heavy cyan push
GC_Griffin_Rise – Yellow grass and trees are pushed green
​GC_Griffin_Seraphina – Tealish hipster style

Wide compatibility

The 3D LUTs are in .cube, .3DL, and .mga formats so you can quickly apply them to your footage. They are compatible with Davinci Resolve 9 and later versions, Adobe Speedgrade CC, Final Cut Pro X * (LUT Utility Required) , Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe Media Encoder CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, and can also be applied to a range of other applications using Red Giant LUT Buddy.

LUTs are very much a personal choice, and one mans Rembrandt is another mans graffiti. The good thing is with 16 different LUTs available you can pick and choose what works best for the look you are after. I did find that a lot of the LUTs were overly saturated for my own personal tastes, but as with any LUT, they can easily be adjusted in the grade.

The Ground Control Griffin LUTs are easy to apply and can give you a good starting point from which to make adjustments to your footage. I do err on the side of caution though when grading any low bit rate and low colour space codec. If you try and push the image too much it will start to fall apart very quickly.

Ground Control Griffin LUTs price and availability

The DJI Mavic Pro is capable of producing some nice results in a cost effective and compact package. The Griffin LUTs make grading your footage just a little bit easier. While they aren’t going to miraculously turn poorly shot vision into something great, they do what they are advertised to do, and that’s all you can ask of just about any product.

The Ground Control Griffin Filmic LUTS for the DJI Mavic Pro are available to download for $29.99 US.

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