Hawk-Woods New Power Generation: Attach batteries to light stands, V-Lok to Atomos monitors

Spigot smalller

Some companies introduce one product at a time but Hawk-Woods has been busy innovating and has four new power solutions, including a spigot light stand adapter that avoids trailing wires by attaching the battery for your light fixture to your light stand.

Spigot Light Stand Power Adapter

Hawk Woods Spigot

The Spigot light stand power adapter attaches to 16mm C-stands between the light fixture and the stand allowing for power to be easily supplied to a light fixture, connected via a three-pin XLR power cable. The Spigot comes in V-Lok and Gold Mount versions, and can provide either 14V or 28.8V.

28mm Spigot and 48V versions are also currently being designed. The V-Lok mounts come with Hawk-Woods high performance contacts which when used with the company’s HP V-Loks allow current of up to 12A to be drawn – really handy if you’re planning to use it with high draw LED fixtures.

X-Boxx Atom Series Chargers

XBOXX Charger

The X-Boxx is a battery box for high draw devices such as lights and cameras that use a three-Pin XLR input. New X-Boxx Atom chargers come in a single XBA-25C and double XBA-25D that will be able to charge two X-Boxx battery boxes at the same time.

Atom PSU Power Supply

Hawk Woods ATOM PSU

The Hawk-Woods APS-150 and APS-240 are a 15v mains power supplies which provide a continuous 150/240W of power. This could be great for powering cameras with a high power draw, or for big camera rigs with several devices.  Both units come with three  four-pin XLR outputs. As long as you are within the 150Wh or 240Wh power draw you are able to run further accessories from these added outputs.

Atomos Shogun Flame and Inferno Battery Fitting

Hawk Woods Flame and Inferno Fitting

Want to run your Atomos Flame or Inferno for longer?  The adaptor allows the use of V-Lok & Anton Bauer batteries to power the monitor. The adaptor plate the fits into the monitor’s original battery compartment but has been improved to make the battery weight more central.

To check pricing on these new products head over to Hawk-Woods website.

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