PrimeTranscoder: Transcode like a boss

With all the compressed capture codecs we have to deal with that are not edit friendly, transcoding becomes a must to get those files to play nice with your editing software. PrimeTranscoder is a way to get the job done with more options than just flipping out to ProRes.

Imagine Products PrimeTranscoder

PrimeTranscoder main-screen

PrimeTranscoder can be fully automated using watch folders, or you can manually add clips to process. It can simultaneously output edit quality ProRes files while making web shareable, compressed, watermarked clips with burned in timecode. All these processes happen at the same time, making the process much easier and time saving than manually converting clips.

The software takes advantage of your computer’s power with automatic GPU acceleration and CPU core distribution to make transcoding as fast as possible, and works with most camera formats:

  • ARRI
  • BlackMagic
  • Canon
  • GoPro
  • Panasonic
  • RED
  • Sony NXCam
  • XDCam
  • XAVC (MOV, DPX, MXF, R3D, RAW, MPEG, HD, 4K, 8K).

PrimeTranscoder: presets, features, plays nicely with others

PrimeTranscoder watch-folder-enabledwatch-folder-enabled

PrimeTranscoder has export presets, or you can create your own customized ones. All processing options are also available as presets level allowing maximum flexibility. For example, you can have separate watch folders and output locations for each preset or video type.
Another nice feature is the ability to merge camera-spanned clips together automatically to create a single output video. Or you can manually choose clips to merge (stitch) together as needed. You can also use the app to apply color correction to the output, as well as burning in a watermark (such as your company’s logo or the file name) and frame accurate timecode.

If you use ShotPut Pro (or another ingest app) to offload media files, PrimeTranscoder can use watch folders to process clips as they are copied to hard disk.

PrimeTranscoder price and availability

PrimeTranscoder is only available for the Mac, and packs in a lot of useful features. It’s available now for a fairly steep $699 US, although if you have a ProxyMill license (PrimeTranscoder replaces Proxy Mill) you can get a $450 US credit.


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