Libec TH-X H video head – a flexible option for smaller cameras

The Libec TH-X H is the fluid head component of Libec’s entry level TH-X video tripod system. It’s well suited to smaller camera packages, especially DSLRs and mirrorless setups.

Head now available without legs

Libec TH-X H video head
The Libec TH-X H

Previously only available as part of a kit with tripod legs as well, Libec have just announced the TH-X H video head will be sold separately too. So if you’re just starting out and need something inexpensive, or want a backup or spare head to mount on a slider or jib, it’s well worth a look.

Two for one

Libec TH-X H video head
The Dual Head – fits a 65mm bowl but also screws to flat plates via 3/8″ threads.

The company call it a Dual Head – it fits into a 65mm bowl socket on the tripod legs, but also has a flat base to make it compatible with sliders, jibs and other camera mounts. This is actually more useful than it sounds, and means you get nice smooth levelling adjustments while it’s part of the tripod setup as well as a head that’s easy to use elsewhere.

Decent value for budget conscious shooters

Libec TH-X H video head
The TH-X H is compatible with Manfrotto and Sachtler plates, and the quick release works well.

At this price you’re not getting variable resistance for either pan or tilt but the head itself seems solidly made and the movements in both axes are pretty smooth. The head is also compatible with Manfrotto and Sachtler Ace plates, so you’ll be able to reuse them if you have some lying around.

The head plus pan handle weighs in at only 1kg, so you’re not going to be mounting a cinema camera rig on it – but it’s rated for up to 4kg by the manufacturer so it should be happy with, say, a Sony a7 and a zoom lens.

Libec TH-X H price and availability

The Libec TH-X H head will be available to buy on its own from June for $180 US. At that price, if you’re in the market for an inexpensive video head and can live with a few limitations, it’s well worth a look.

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