JVC ProHD Wireless Bridge- NAB 2017

The JVC ProHD Wireless Bridge is a IP solution for covering news, sports, or any live broadcast where camera mobility and high reliability are paramount. It combines 5GHz camera modules with a mobile-mounted dual aggregated modem uplink that delivers your camera signals securely to your broadcast facility anywhere in the world. The Bridge is able to stream HD from multiple cameras at once with low latency and reliability that meets or exceeds the performance of typical bonded solutions.

JVC ProHD Wireless Bridge
JVC ProHD Wireless Bridge on top of a news vehicle

Encoding built into cameras

JVC has designed their cameras with built-in encoders that feature Zixi error correction, automatic repeat request, and variable bit rate control. As the encoder is built-in, the camera operator gets viewfinder status indications of the remote connection and outgoing stream quality. There is also built-in 2 channel IFB communication with some camera models.

In a Bridge system, The JVC 800 series cameras utilize the long range WB-MCA100 Mobile Camera Adapter which attaches directly to and is powered from the camera. The camera adapter operates up to 2,000 feet from the mobile base station. It plugs directly into the host USB connector on the camera and is controlled from the camera. Handheld JVC cameras can also take advantage of the Bridge with a smaller radio module with a 400 foot range.

JVC ProHD Wireless Bridge

Dual carrier roof-top cellular uplink

JVC’s engineers claim that the roof-top cellular connection is superior to that found in portable bonded systems. In a ProHD Wireless Bridge system, your vehicle becomes the remote broadcasting hub, receiving signals from one or more field cameras and relaying them to your broadcast facility through an advanced access point and cellular uplink. JVC has designed a high-performance array of 4 diversity high-gain cellular antennas connected to a cellular uplink that aggregates signals from 2 mobile carriers. The WB-CELL200 Cellular Uplink creates a virtual private network (VPN) letting you not only securely transmit camera signals, but also providing a high speed mobile hotspot that can be used by your field staff to access newsroom systems, submit stories, upload files, etc.

JVC ProHD Wireless Bridge

Receiving the signals

In your facility, the BPL-380 router aggregates up to 20 cellular uplinks. This means that you can equip all of the vehicles in your fleet with ProHD Bridge systems, and point them all to a single IP address in your facility. Combined with the BR-800 ProHD Broadcaster and BR-DE800 ProHD Decoder, and you’ll have the most convenient, affordable and reliable wide-deployment mobile back haul system available.

The ProHD Wireless Bridge is definitelybeing targeted at news organisations and other multi-camera productions, and not individuals.

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