CAME-TV fresnel bi-colour lights and lighting accessories for the Boltzen range- NAB 2017

New CAME-TV fresnel bi-colour lights and lighting accessories for the Boltzen range were being shown at NAB 2017. I have previously reviewed the CAME-TV Boltzen 55W fresnel lights on Newsshooter, and now the company has introduced larger bi-colour Boltzens, as well as higher power daylight only versions.

The bi-colour versions are available in 60W and 100W versions, and daylight versions are available in 60W, 100W and 150W. The 60W and 100W bi-colour versions have a claimed CRI of 96, are colour temperature adjustable between 3200K to 5600K, and feature a COB design. Both versions are also fanless for quiet operation. Both the 60W and 100W versions have a 24VDC minimum input, and if you want to power it by battery, unfortunately you will need to use 2 V-Mount batteries and a charger that can combine the 2 V-Mounts to 24VDC. There is also a 100W version that includes a fan if you want to go with a cheaper option.

The daylight only 60W, 100W and 150W versions have almost identical specifications to the bi-colour versions (apart from having a set colour temperature), but with a cheaper price point.

Prices for the lights are as follows:
Came-TV Boltzen Daylight 60W– $488US
CAME-TV Boltzen Daylight 100W– $548US
CAME-TV Boltzen Daylight 150W– $698US
CAME-TV Boltzen Bi-Colour 60W (fanless)- $598US
CAME-TV Boltzen Bi-Colour 100W (fanless)– $988US
CAME-TV Boltzen Bi-Colour 100W (fan) – $788US

CAME-TV were also showing a Magnetic Snap Fit Modifier Kit for their smaller 30W and 55W daylight and tungsten Boltzen fresnel lights. This includes a rubberised soft diffuser, filter holder with24 colour filter pack, and snap on grid. It is available for $128US.

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