Teradek Serv and Serv Pro: on set iOS monitoring from under $1K – NAB 2017

The Teradek Serv and Serv Pro are WiFi enabled boxes that allow a camera signal to be broadcast locally and viewed on iOS devices. It’s a development of the Teradek Cube system, but with more of a focus on use onset rather than in the broadcast environments the Cube was aimed at.

Serv and Serv Pro

Teradek Serv
The Serv will allow you to view camera feeds on iPads, iPhones and even iPods. Remember them?

The two different models allow the same basic functionality but are differentiated by their connectivity options. The Serv accepts an HDMI signal, is powered by a standard barrel connector and can support viewing on four iOS devices. The Serv Pro takes a 3G SDI signal, a Lemo power connector and can output to 10 devices.

WiFi connectivity

Teradek Serv
The Serv Pro is a little bigger and more robust, but both units allow monitoring in 1080p with four frames of latency.

Both units allow monitoring in 1080p with four frames of latency, broadcasting over WiFi to Teradek’s client iOS app. You can use a regular WiFi access point to broadcast to the iOS clients, but if you’re worried about the quality of the WiFi Teradek will also sell you a Link. This is a tough chassis with plenty of mounting options that will give you 1000ft of WiFi range.

Teradek Serv Viewing options

The viewing app gives you access to histograms, focus peaking, false colour and 3D LUTs so everyone’s seeing the picture as it’s intended to be viewed. The App is free and also compatible with the Teradek Clip and Cube systems. Teradek are keen to stress that the system isn’t meant to replace a Bolt – why would they want to do that – but that this is a good way of being able to allow crew members who aren’t near a video village to see what’s going on on set.

Price and availability

The Teradek Serv will be available in the next four weeks, with a price still to be determined – they’re hoping that will be under $1,000 US for the Serv, and under $2,000 for the Serv Pro.

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