Westcott Solix LED light – NAB 2017

The Westcott Solix is a low-draw, compact LED fixture with a wide beam throw, ideal for use inside soft boxes and other modifiers.

Westcott Solix: Easily modified

Westcott Solix
The barndoors detach easily via a magnetic connection.

It has a built-in rotating speedring, and will accept modifiers from small softboxes all the way up to a 7′ octabox. Barn doors attach via a magnetic connection system.

Low draw, battery power optional

The unit can use both mains and battery power, but draws only 60W. The company claims this means it will last for around two and a half hours when plugged into one of their Flex battery units.

Westcott Solix
The rear of the Solix features a small display, a dimmer knob and a power input.

On the back of the Solix is a small display that provides a readout of the current output.

Price and availability

The company hopes to be shipping the Westcott Solix in early July, priced somewhere between $349 US and $400 US each.

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