Westcott prototype RGBW Flex light LED: tuneable, flexible colour – NAB 2017

Westcott have updated their 2×1 Flex LED panel light with new RGBW LED technology. The new prototype RGBW Flex Light uses clusters of red, green, blue and white LEDs to output light that’s much more controllable than a simple Kelvin temperature adjustment. Output levels are said to be comparable to the company’s existing 1×1 and 1×2 panels.

RGBW: tuneable colour

Westcott RGBW Flex Light
The new prototype uses clusters of four RGBW LEDs in an array.

Eventually the company hopes to be able to offer a wide range of presets, including some that mimic traditional daylight and tungsten fixtures. You’ll also be able to dial in settings that mimic the use of filters.

New dimmer for Flex range

RGBW Flex light
The new Westcott dimmer offers integrated wireless and DMX controls
RGBW Flex light
Integrated Anton Bauer or V-lock mounts make powering the light with a battery much easier.

Alongside the Flex panel, Westcott were showing a new dimmer. This is also not quite ready for production, but improves on the old unit with a more robust construction and integrated battery mounts. Wireless and DMX controls are also built in.

New yoke mount

RGBW Flex light
Westcott’s new yoke mount clips to their Scrim Jim frame system.

The panel you see in Matt’s video above also features a new yoke mount. If you’re using the panels for ENG work then the standard flexible bracket might still be a better bet – it collapses down much smaller. But if you’re using them in a more controlled situation (or just prefer a traditional mount) the yoke attaches to the Westcott Scrim Jim frame system.

Available later this year… probably

The RGBW light and the dimmer aren’t ready just yet but Westcott are hoping to have them ready to go in October/November this year. No details on pricing yet but we’ll bring you more details as we have them.

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