Helicopter Film Services “Typhon”- a six camera array combining six Arri Alexa Minis

HFS Typhon Render

If you want to push the boundaries for visual effects capture, Helicopter Film Services haver come up with “Typhon”- a six camera array that is comprised of six Arri Alexa Minis.

The Typhon 6 Array and its 6 Arri Alexa Mini cameras are mounted in a Shotover K1 system to shoot plates that can then be stitched together in post production. The Typhon 6 Array is designed to enable both aerial and ground-based filming of sequences where a particularly wide field of vision is required for productions that require cutting edge VFX.

The stabilised array is based around the ARRI Alexa camera, and can be used with prime lenses such as the 24mm LDS Zeiss Ultra Prime. The “Typhon” is not locked into using just Arri Alexa Minis, it can also be configured to incorporate other cameras, such as the RED HELIUM.

The Typhon Array can offer a huge field of view which gives a better sense of the environment you’re moving through, and in turn, that can help create a more immersive environment for VFX.

This certainly looks like a very impressive and cutting edge way of capturing very high quality plates for VFX. This is definitely a very high end product that your only likely to see being used on big budget productions.

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