Canon show Canon 5D Mk IV C-Log – NAB 2017

Canon have shown a working version of Canon Log running on the 5D Mark IV at NAB in Las Vegas. According to Canon the maximum dynamic range of 12 stops is achievable when the camera is set at 400 ISO.

Canon Log running on the 5D Mark IV

Tweak at your own risk

There are several adjustments you can make to the Log image in the menus, but Canon warned me that you should really test out any changes you make as the Log profile has already been set to the most optimised position.

The Canon Log menu settings

Monitoring tools

There is a view assist mode (which is meant to apply a LUT for monitoring purposes), but that wasn’t working on the camera we saw on the show floor. Other changes that can be made in the Log menu settings are sharpness, saturation and hue.

A warning appears when you switch into Canon Log

A warning does come up on the screen when you do switch into the Canon Log mode on the 5D Mark IV that noise may appear on the image periphery when Canon Log is used and peripheral illumination is switched on.

Pricing and availability

Current EOS 5D Mark IV camera owners can have the Canon Log feature upgrade installed for $99 US at any of the Canon service centres starting in July. There is no indication currently of when this will become available in other countries. The camera will also be available for sale (body only) with the feature upgrade pre-installed starting in July, with an estimated retail price of $3,599 US.

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